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Product Information

Job Planning/Scheduler

Plan and schedule your jobs accordingly. You can schedule jobs to repeat by the day, week, month, or year.

Work Orders

Manage work orders for all your jobs. You can add, modify and delete work orders. You also have the option to print or fax a copy of the work order to your staff or client. Your staff can also download work orders via a palm phone.

Online Help

Our system is so easy to use you probably won't need to use the help but a help menu is available on all our screens.

GPS Tracking

We have special software that runs on certain Nextel cell phones that automatically sends your exterminator or technician's cell phone coordinates. You are able to quickly locate your staff on the map within your account. This feature may not be available to some clients. (This service is no longer available. We are revamping our mapping programs.)

Job Costing

Record costs for jobs with the quick job costing template. You can setup your own job cost types for jobs that have standard costs.

Document Storage

Store and Search your documents Online. Just scan any document, upload it to the system and you can search and have the document available when you need it. Store any type of document! (signed work orders, timesheets,anything!). We also have an option where you can fax work orders directly into the system.You can also email documents straight into the system. Just send an email with the document attached and include the work order number and your document will automatically attach to the work order.


Track all of your prospects. You can easily convert potential prospects to a customer with our conversion utility.

Web Form Wizard

Create any type of form with the Form Wizard! It's a quick and easy way to re-use the same form over and over. You can use it to create maintenance agreements, contracts, just about anything! You can setup your own master templates and merge fields in a snap.

Quick Collections/Notes

Have a bunch of open invoices? Do you need to send out a collection notice. You can easily send out collection notices by clicking one button. The system will email or fax a collection notice to those customers who have open invoices. As you know collections is a pain in the neck. When doing collections your presented with the run around game. Customer says "I sent a check". Customer says "Wait to deposit". You can store all these notes per invoice to track and monitor collection status as well.

Multiple Building/Locations

If your customers have many buildings or locations you can now store multiple buildings/locations for a specific customer. It comes in handy when entering a work order.

Daily Dispatcher

Quick screen to manipulate and dispatch daily job schedules!


Maintain customer information. You can also store custom fields for your customer.

My Contacts

Your users can maintain their own list of contacts.

Staff Accounts

Special limited version of the system for your staff to view schedules and update job information. So, you don't have to spend on a regular account.

Knowledge Base

Build an online knowledge-base for your company and provide better customer support for your customers. You can store manually, policies, or just about anything that your company needs.


Does your company use QuickBooks? You can export your work orders into QuickBooks Invoices.

Work Schedules

Maintain Staff Information and Work Schedules. Store information on your staff, including when and where they can work.

Multi Branch

Our system can handle multiple branches and/or departments.

Accounts Payable

Purchase Orders/Payments/A/P Aging Schedules.

Message Dispatching

Send quick messages via email to staff or customers.

Skills Inventory

Track the skills of everyone on your staff. You can define your own skills library. Comes in handy if you have a job that requires a special skill: You can find who has it at the touch of a button.

XML Exporter

Export work order and other data into XML.

Job Summary Report

Lets you print out a list of all your jobs with staff assignments for a given job day.

Invoice and A/R

Easy to use A/R. Post your work orders to invoices with the click of a button; email invoices, track payments, aging reports, and more.

Link Multiple Work Orders to an Invoice

If you have a job that spans a number of days but only want to bill the customer one invoice. You can link one or more work orders to that one invoice and easily compute all job costs for that invoice.

Staff Locator Tool

Our locator tool will allow you to find available staff based on work schedules, desired locations and skill set.

Proposal Document Writer

You can define your own proposal, document or letter templates then store these documents for your customers or prospects.

Staff Time

Store the hours worked for each staff member assigned to a job/work order.

Monthly Calendar

View monthly calendars of all your work orders You can filter by staff or customer.

Call Log

Track all calls and notes between you and your customers. You can also track calls for your prospects.

Task Tracker

Track any tasks for any customer! Suppose your customer has something that requires maintenance in 70 days, or there's a form that must be filed four months from now. You can store that information here, then generate a daily "things to do" report.

Work Order Dispatching

Automatic routing of work orders to staff and contractors in the field via cell phone, alpha pager, or rim. Any capable email device.

Called in Sick

Ability to handle Customer Cancellations/Staff Outs. If a customer cancels or your staff member calls in sick you can easily find those jobs so, you can reassign or reschedule.

Staff Broadcasting

Do you have something that you need to broadcast to the company? Send notifications to every member of your field staff at the touch of a button.

Modifications of work orders to staff in the field

If you make changes to a work order, all the assigned staff members can be notified via email.

Custom Work Order Fields

You can create custom work order fields to track specific information your company might need for a work order. If you need to track additional information pertaining to a work order or job, you have extra custom fields as well.

Custom Screens

You can create any number of custom screens for prospects, customers, staff, vendors, and work orders.You can add any number of (text, numeric, date, yes/no, memo and lookups)fields to those screens.

Sales Reps/Invoice Commission Reports off of Billable/Receipts

You can setup your own sales people with commission rates. You can also print out commission reports.


Multiple levels of Security / Restrict by day and time, including 128-bit SSL encryption through GeoTrust.


Have a special request? Need a tweak? Need a change! Ask us!

Reports and Reports

Many Reports (Work Order, Staff, Customer, Items Due, Rating, and more!):

Specifications/Features subject to change without notice!